Teen Girl Walking Dead Zombie Halloween Costume

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Teen Girl Walking Dead Zombie Halloween Costume – Every year for Halloween, countless people search for the perfect costume. When you’re a teenager, finding the right one is important because teens want to look cool and scary while dressing up.

Even if your teenager no longer goes trick or treating, she can still get in on the fun with a popular costume. Some of the popular costumes that feature scary characters are ones like famous monsters such as the Friday the 13th character, or bloody mummies, or Miss Reaper costume.

But the most popular scary costume this year is the Teen Girl Walking Dead Zombie Costume. Thanks to the popularity of the Walking Dead show, this costume continues to remain one of the top sellers, so you’ll want to get yours before they all sell out.

The costume is made of 100% polyester and it has to be hand washed, but you can spot wash it if you need to do that. The outfit consists of a pair of pajama short bottoms in a pink and green flowered pattern.

The shirt is separate and made with the same design. The shirt is attached to the robe so it can’t be worn as a separate piece. This pink robe is knee length and comes with a matching sash.

The robe is decorated with various size marks of dirt and worn places all over the material. This is patterned after the dirty, torn clothes worn by the characters on the show and is a fully licensed product.

Teen Girl Walking Dead Zombie Costume

Teen Girl Walking Dead Zombie Costume

A pair of white bunny slippers come as part of the costume. These slippers have stand up, pink lined bunny ears, a pink nose and eyes on the bunnies. The slippers are designed to look like blood has splattered all over them.

The stuffed toy bear does not come with the costume but you can buy one separately. The face mask does come with the costume. This is made of latex and comes with adhesive to help it adhere to the teen’s face.

There are accessories that you can buy such as a bloody cleaver or the sheriff’s metal badge. If you don’t want to wear a costume that includes a robe, you can still dress up as a zombie with the Zombie Girls Halloween costume.

This costume is made of a tattered dress in varying shades of gray. You can tell that the top of the dress was blue but is now faded and worn like a shirt that a zombie would have.

Zombie Girls Halloween costume

Zombie Girls Halloween costume

The waist of this costume features exposed guts and bone which teenagers think is cool. To go with this costume, you’ll want to find a pair of gray tights that look like they have cracks in the them to simulate dead skin.

For best results with shoes, choose a pair of gray ballerina flats. The gray, dirty haired wig doesn’t come with the costume, so you’ll need to buy that. For the makeup, you can go with white all over the face and add blood accents.

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