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Sweet Raccoon Teen Costume: Teenage Halloween Costumes – The nip in the air is just right around the corner and that means it’ll soon be time for Halloween. Start early and get the costumes that you want to have. When you want to find the perfect costume for your teen, there are some things that you might want to consider.

The first one is that you want the outfit to fit well. No one likes to be uncomfortable in a Halloween costume. Secondly, you want to make sure that it’s not just like all the other costumes for teens that are on the market.

The last thing that a teenager wants is to show up to a party where another girl is wearing the exact same outfit. While buying vampy costumes is an option or buying superhero costumes is another, when your teen wants to be unique, stylish, warm and not show off a lot of skin, one of the best options is to go with a cute and sweet animal costume such as the Sweet Raccoon Teen Costume.

This costume features plenty of warmth. It’s made from almost all polyester, but with a little bit of Spandex in the mix so it does have to be hand washed because of the trim. The dress has the look and feel of velvet.

The black dress is mid thigh in length. The hem of the dress is trimmed in fake gray fur that’s made of polyester. There are long sleeves on the dress so those will also help keep your teen warm in the cooler weather.

Sweet Raccoon Teen Costume

Sweet Raccoon Teen Costume

These sleeves have cuffs of gray fur at the ends. The neckline of the dress is also trimmed in fur as is the hood. The hood has black ears like a raccoon has and these ears are trimmed in tufts fur as well.

There are also two long pom poms with gray fur that are attached to the hood. Along with the dress, you’ll also get a pair of gray and black striped stockings. These are designed to look like the markings on a raccoon’s body.

They’re made of 100% nylon. And with the stockings, you also get a gray and black tail that attaches to the back of the dress with the provided loop. There is also a black eye mask just like a raccoon has that comes with the costume.

The mask is firm so it’ll stay in place. The only thing that doesn’t come with this outfit are a pair of boots. If you get a black or gray pair of boots make sure that they have a cloth look to them because they’ll look more like animal fur than a pair of shiny boots would. Some of the fur on the costume may shed just a little bit but is easily taken care of with a lint roller.


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