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Sharkman Costume, It’s time to start looking for the perfect Halloween costume for your teen boy. He might not be interested in dressing up like a superhero because he prefers something scary over something like that.

If he’s looking for a costume that’s sure to give a fright, there are a lot of options with that. You can pick out the gruesome looking zombies that depict various open wounds or even have guts hanging out.

These are always popular. But this year, they’re not the most popular Halloween costume that’s available. This year, the title for that goes to the Sharkman Costume.

This shiver worthy costume is an officially licensed product that’s been patterned after one of the characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. It’s sure to take the top prizes at any costume party because of its scary and unique appeal.

This costume features a long, tattered tunic that looks like it’s been under the sea water for a very long time. The sleeves are long and the tunic is a washed out blue-gray color.

It has splashes of white throughout the shirt to make it look crusty. A big piece of gray coral rests on the shoulder of the tunic. It’s curved on the end that’s closes to the face so you won’t have a problem with bumping into it when you turn your head.

Sharkman Costume

Sharkman Costume

At the bottom hem of the tunic, there are two brown starfish, one medium, one large, that are both fastened on a background of coral. Across the center of the tunic is a wide, black sash that goes from the waist up to the shoulder.

The sash has a large buckle attached at the bottom of it. There’s a dirty white fabric sash for the waist. This piece is wide and hangs all the way down to the mid calf area in length.

The blue-gray mask that comes as part of this costume has caused quite a few raves. It’s very unique and frightening. The material of the mask is made from a thin, lightweight rubber so it’s not heavy.

The width of the mask extends over the shoulders toward the tops of the arms and is patterned after a Hammerhead shark. There are designs on the mask to make it look like things are embedded in it.

The mask does have eye holes beneath an angry looking brow line. There’s also a nose piece for easy breathing. The mouth of the mask has jagged shark teeth. The edge of the mask beside the mouth hangs to the bottom of the face. It also covers the back of the head so you won’t have to worry about making sure the hair is covered.



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