Rocket Raccoon Costume – Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes


Rocket Raccoon Costume : Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes – Every year, you go in search of finding the perfect Halloween costume for your boy. Animal costumes are always a great hit and retain their popularity every year. You might think about getting some of these such as werewolf costumes.

The InCharacter Costumes, LLC Boys 2-7 Werewolf Mask and Shirt Set is one of those popular ones. But even more popular than that one is the Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Costume.

This one is an officially licensed costume, so it looks more authentic than others. The costume is a jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is made of polyester and is a little stretchy so it’s comfortable – especially for boys who are always moving and are only still when they’re asleep.

The material of the costume is a little thin so in the cold weather, make sure your child wears long johns or something else warm underneath it. The bottom half of the pants are a light brown color.

There’s a black lined padding design on the knees just like the character had in the movie. The shirt part of the jumpsuit has a fur print on the long sleeve T-shirt that mimics raccoon fur.

There is a chest plate on the shirt that’s designed to look like brown leather. This chest plate has three rows of black straps woven onto either of the sides. At the ends of each of these straps are silver pieces.

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Costume

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Costume

These silver pieces are designed to look like they’re fastened into the leather. There are black leather-like shoulder pads on either side at the top of the shirt. This part of the costume can be removed if you don’t want them or your child doesn’t like them.

A white and brown tail that’s made of soft fabric attaches to the rear of the pants to look like a raccoon tail. This piece is held in place with the use of velcro fasteners. The mask does come with the suit.

This piece has the black and white coloring with the raccoon masking around the eyes. There are no feet covers for this costume so you’ll want to buy something or use what you have at home.

This costume leaves the child’s hands bare, so you can either use brown mittens or you can buy the Guardians of the Galaxy – Kids Rocket Raccoon Gloves that are designed to look like Rocket’s front paws.

Other costumes that are available that go with this costume feature other characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. These costumes are the child’s Star Lord costume or the Gamora costume. Even the Groot costume is available.



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