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Peace and Love Hippie Toddler Costume : Hippie Halloween Costumes – Long before Halloween rolls around, you want to make sure that you have the costume you want your toddler to wear this year. If you wait too long, all the good costumes are already sold out and you will to have to settle.

One of the biggest categories for Halloween costumes is for toddlers. These costumes are usually so cute and cuddly. You can find teddy bears for toddler costumes or little lions or other zoo type animals.

When it comes to little girl toddlers, there’s always the ever popular princess someone or other. But why be just like everyone else? If you want a costume that your child will love as well as one that will stand out as unique, then you want to get the Peace and Love Hippie Toddler Costume.

Not only is it cool, but this costume also pays homage to a time when life was a lot simpler and love abounded. This costume consists of a dress with an attached vest. It also comes with fringed boot covers and a headband.

The dress is just above the knees and is red for the background color. On the dress, there are a lot of different colored peace symbols decorating it. There are also plump hearts in white, yellow, pink and blue-green mixed in with the peace symbol designs.

Of course, the design wouldn’t be considered hippie without the different flowers that are in the material. You’ll see colorful flowers in a daisy shape that are yellow, blue-green, white and purple.

Peace and Love Hippie Toddler Costume

Peace and Love Hippie Toddler Costume

The attached brown vest has long fringes on either side of it that fall almost all the way to the hem of the dress. On the front of the vest are a few designs. There is a white flower in the shape of a daisy with a yellow center, a peace symbol and the word peace written out in different colored letters.

The dress is made of polyester and isn’t very thick, so you’ll need to add something to help keep your child warm if it’s a chilly night out while trick or treating. Along with the dress, the costume comes with boot covers.

These boot covers will go to the knees of your toddler and have elastic at the top of them so that they won’t fall down when your toddler walks. There are two sizes for the fringe on them so that it gives the covers a layered look like what was popular back during the hippie heyday.

The first layer of the fringe ends above the ankle while the second layer is long enough so that they lightly touch the ground. You’ll want to make sure that your child wears either brown shoes or brown boots.

There is a headband made of the same material design that you see on the dress. This headband material is wide and can easily be tied around the toddler’s head. It’s not a fitted one.



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