Native American Brave Costume – Teen Boys Halloween Costumes


Native American Brave Costume : Teen Boys Halloween Costumes – When you’re searching for a costume that’s just right for a teenager, there are ones that you can choose from that are a great idea for boys. Since teens love adventure and aren’t really interested in wearing a costume just like the next guy’s costume, you’re better off buying one that’s unique.

Of course, you can buy some of the popular ones that are on the market right now such as cowboys, superheroes, zombies or skeletons, because those are a hit with teen boys.

But the costume that hits the most popular list this year is the Native American Brave Costume. This costume is well made and isn’t so expensive that it’ll blow the budget. There’s an eye for detail in the design of the costume.

The material and the way that the outfit is put together will make it last longer than other similar costumes. Because of the delicate detail on the costume, however, it will have to be hand washed.

The costume consists of a brown 100% polyester shirt. The shirt is made to look like it’s leather and the material is thicker than it looks. So it’ll be a good choice on a cool night. The bottom of the shirt ends in double row stitching.

From the bottom of the last row of stitches, there are individual fringe pieces. The double row of stitching prevents these fringe pieces from unraveling. The shirt is long sleeved and has the same top quality stitching on both of the cuffs.

Native American Brave Costume

Native American Brave Costume

The top of the shirt also has the same type of fringe as the bottom. This fringe extends over both of the shoulders. The center of the top has an intricate design done in white and tan markings.

In the middle is a center decoration at the vee of the design. A thin headband is included with the purchase. This piece is done in the same white and tan design as what you see on the top of the shirt.

Boot covers that look like brown cover are also part of this costume set. These covers lace up and have the fringe that matches the shirt at the tops. There are no pants included with this costume.

But if you want accessories, such as a bow and arrow set, those are available to purchase separately. You can also purchase a wig in brown or black that has two braids on either side.

Not only is this costume a big hit for Halloween, but it can also be worn to other events such as for school plays or to celebrate other holidays.



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