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Mindcraft Enderman Costume : Mindcraft Halloween Costume – When an adult man is thinking about what kind of costume he wants to buy for Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind is making sure that it looks cool. Men want a costume that’s unique as well as being the hit of any of the parties.

Some of the most popular choices for men’s costumes this Halloween are based on video game characters. You’ll find a ton of choices among costumes such as the ones based on the Mario Brothers or the Halo Master Chief.

But when it comes to popularity of costumes based on games, the number one hit is the Mindcraft Enderman Costume. This costume comes as two pieces. The first piece is the head of the character.

This piece is a large square that’s made of top quality cardboard. This cardboard does not bend easily and is durable. Despite how tough the box is, it’s made of lightweight material so you can wear if all night long and still be comfortable.

The graphics on the box are identical to the featured on Enderman. Just be careful that you don’t accidentally teleport! The color on the head of this costume is dark black but does have some shades of lighter black.

There is a signature white rectangle under both of the eye openings. Each of these eye openings are square making it easier to see where you’re walking when you have the head on at night.

Mindcraft Enderman Costume

Mindcraft Enderman Costume

When you put the costume head on, you don’t have to worry about trying to balance it on the top of your head. There’s a piece inside the head that you can adjust so that you get the perfect fit and prevent slippage.

You’ll be sure to get plenty of rave compliments when you wear this one! Besides the head portion for Enderman, you can also get a body piece for the costume. You’ll have to buy that separately, but when you put them together, you end up with the perfect costume that looks just like the one in the game.

For the body piece, you’ll want to get the JustinCostume Spandex Open Face Full Bodysuit Zentai Suit. The suit is made of high quality lycra spandex which means that it has a lot of stretching power.

JustinCostume Spandex Open Face Full Bodysuit Zentai Suit

JustinCostume Spandex Open Face Full Bodysuit Zentai Suit

This allows it to fit people of various weight sizes as well as height sizes. Although you can get the suits in a variety of color, you’ll want to pick the black one since that’s the color of Enderman’s design in the game.

The suit will cover you from your head all the way to your feet. When you’re trying to determine which size will fit you the best since the suit is extremely form fitting, order the suit that will fit how tall you are. The back of the suit zips up so you can get in and out of it easily.



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