Men’s Robin Hood Costume – Robin Hood Halloween Costume


Men’s Robin Hood Costume : Robin Hood Halloween Costume – The days are counting down until the arrival of Halloween. With how fast it’s approaching, you’ll want to find the perfect men’s costume before all the good ones are gone.

Some of the most popular men’s costumes this year are designed with history in mind. There are pirate costumes, knights in shining armor, and prince or king costumes for men.

All of these are very popular this year. However, the one that stands out as the top most popular pick is the Men’s Robin Hood Costume. This costume is based on the legend that everyone loved.

Men’s Robin Hood Costume

Men’s Robin Hood Costume

The costume is made of polyester as well as vinyl in portions. It’s thin, but comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. The shirt of the costume is long sleeved and has a wide open neck so it’s easy to slip on and off.

The neck also has a brown shoelace tie that can be used to draw the neck part into a smaller opening. The shirt also has a loose fitting hood just like the Robin Hood character was known for.

The hood completely covers the hair as well as the sides of the face. The design of this shirt gives it that old time in history look. The color of the shirt is forest green.

There is a vest that fits over the shirt. This vest is brown and is made to look like it’s leather. The bottom of the vest ends in notched tabs. The sleeves also end in the same notched design but these have a more jagged look.

Plus, they’re also covered in a strip of black material. The front of the vest has three strips of black vinyl. These strips are what keep the vest closed and they have buckles on one end.

A pair of gauntlet gloves that look like brown leather are included with this costume. These gloves leave the fingers free. The cuffs end in a wide, funnel width halfway up the forearm.

A wide, black belt comes as part of this costume. A medium sized pouch is included with the belt. There is a strip of black simulating leather that runs above the waist to the shoulder on the vest.

This piece has a silver buckle on it. Both the belt and the strap adhere to the costume with the use of velcro fastenings. A pair of black boot covers are included.

These covers are designed to look big and slouchy just like the character’s were. The covers have a wide cuff that turns down at the top of them. There are no pants included with the costume items.

Shoes or boots are also not included. To get a complete authentic Robin Hood look, you’ll want to buy the bow and arrows that are available separately.

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