Men’s Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume – Alice In Wonderland Halloween Costumes


Men’s Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume : Alice In Wonderland Halloween Costumes – It won’t be long now before Halloween arrives in all its frighteningly fun spookiness. Before it gets here, you’ll want to be sure that you have all the decorations including the costumes ready for that night.

If you’re a plus size man, there are plenty of choices you can make to have a great costume. Some of the different options you can check out include ones based on movies such as the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper costumes.

But the Robin Hood and Jack Skellington costumes are also some of the most often chosen costumes. However, the top most popular costume this Halloween is the Men’s Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume.

This costume is made of 100% polyester and has to be dry cleaned when you want to clean it. This is a seven piece costume. The first piece are the long, narrow, straight legged pants.

These pants are done in alternating black and white strips. The white strips are pin striped. A two toned vest is part of this costume ensemble. On one side of the vest, there are black and white stripes.

On the other side, there are black and white diamond designs. The buttons on the vest have a swirl design on the top. A jacket also comes with the costume. This jacket falls to waist length and is a straight cut.

The jacket is done in a black color and has wide, large lapels. These lapels are both trimmed in white and black designs. The end of each of the sleeves of the jacket traveling up the forearm are done in a black and white checkered pattern design.

Men’s Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume

Men’s Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume

Though it looks similar at first, this design is different from the one that’s on one side of the vest. Each of the sleeves has one of the swirl patterned buttons. There are pocket flaps on either side of the jacket and these are trimmed in a white and black pattern.

A top hat is included in the costume pieces. The hat is black and the ends curve upward on the sides. There is a hatband around the middle and this piece is done in a black and white checkered design.

A neck dickey with a large bow tie is included. This piece is white and has small black top hat designs on it. There are also spats that go over the tops of the shoes. These are done in black and trimmed in white.

A pair of fingerless gloves completes the pieces of the costume. One of the gloves is done in white and the other one is black. You can buy the Mad Hatter wig as a separate accessory and the spectacles can also be purchased.

Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Costume


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