Inflatable T-Rex Costume – Jurassic World Costume


Inflatable T-Rex Costume – Jurassic World Costume, What will make those around you cry in horror, and tremble in fear this Halloween? How about something with massive teeth, and a thunderous roar? Movie character costumes are always popular. If you’re looking to awe and impress this Halloween, while evoking a bit of fear, consider donning a Jurassic World costume this year.

Dressing up as one of the fearsome dinosaurs from one of this summer’s popular hits, is sure to get a response from those around you. Of course, there are a large selection of the crazy creatures to choose from, but why not choose the star of the show? There’s no better option than the King of the Dinosaurs himself: the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. It’s great for both young and old alike.


For Jurassic World costumes, there are some fabulous options out there this Halloween. There is an inflatable T-Rex costume, and it’s available for both children and adults. The size and girth this will add to someone, once fully inflated, is sure to make the creature pretty believable – as far as costumes go, anyway. This can be a pretty exciting way to assume the role of this terrifying reptile.

If creativity is more of your thing, then you might want to consider wearing a T-Rex mask instead. A mask will give you more versatility, and room for you to include your own personal flair for the body. Maybe comfort is more important to you, and you’d rather go with a simple outfit along the mask. This is also a great way to go if you really aren’t into the costume part of dressing up, are someone who tends to wait until the last minute, or face it, maybe you’re just someone who is just too lazy to do more than buy a mask. No matter your reasoning, a fun, detailed, realistic-looking T-Rex mask is an awesome choice.


Children will love becoming this creature. A dinosaur costume is a fabulous way to be completely disguised, and who better than a child to act out this character? A getup like this is sure to transport a child into the world of make-believe, and when using their imagination to be something else, there’s no limit to what a kid can pull off. The mighty roar of the T-Rex, as presented by a child, is a surefire way to result in some extra candy in their trick-or-treat sack.

Adults will get a kick out of either the inflatable T-Rex costume, or the T-Rex mask. It will be fun to act like a kid again, and equally as fun to try to create as many screams and shrieks of terror as possible with the shock others will have from seeing it. A sudden appearance as someone walks through a doorway, or a loud growl and materializing out of some bushes, are good ways to have fun with the character this October.


Yep, the T-Rex Jurassic World costume, or mask, will be an excellent choice this year. After all, why dress up for Halloween if you can’t scare somebody somewhere along the way?

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