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Icelyn Winter Princess Costume: Princess Halloween Costumes, Winter is fast approaching – but before it starts, Halloween will herald in the season. With Halloween comes the time to carve pumpkins, set out the decorations and take the little ones on their trick or treating adventures.

If your little girl is like most, she’s looking forward to dressing up as a princess this year and you want to find that perfect costume. There’s such an amazing ray of choices this year as the wonderful costumes you can pick grow in number each Halloween.

There are the ever popular Pink Princess costumes, the Crystal one or the Cinderella Deluxe Sparkle Costume. While these are great choices, the one that’s the most popular is the lovely Princess Paradise Icelyn Winter Princess costume.

If you look at this one, you’ll understand right away why it’s so popular. The dress is stunningly beautiful. It’s floor length and made of 100% polyester and has lovely shine to it that fits a princess.

The dress has an elastic waist that’s decorated with a scalloped ribbon of white and contains plastic jewels what will shimmer and catch the light as she moves, giving the illusion of winter sparkle.

Princess Paradise Icelyn Winter Princess costume

Princess Paradise Icelyn Winter Princess costume

Although it appears to have sleeves, the dress does not. However, there are arm warmers that do come with the costume. When these are worn, it gives the appearance of sleeves with lovely start designs.

A floor length cape also comes along with the dress as part of the costume. This cape has an attached hood, which helps create the look of an ice princess. From the hood to the bottom of the hem, this cape is trimmed in fake white fur.

The design on the cape features small rhinestone snowflakes that add to the illusion of winter chill and sparkle in the light. If you decide that you want to go with a different type of princess costume rather than a winter theme, the Forum Novelties Little Pink Princess Costume is a good choice.

This is a floor length dress that shimmers in the light. It’s 100% polyester and has to be hand washed only. The bodice of the dress is gathered in the center and features gold threading throughout.

Little Pink Princess Costume

Little Pink Princess Costume

The ends of the bodice stand out like flower petals. The material on the ends of the bodice are decorated with tiny gold stars. There is a gold ribbon belt that has a pink heart as the centerpiece. The jacket that comes with the costume has a wide stand up collar that’s trimmed in gold edging. The crown and wand don’t come as part of the costume.

The Forum Novelties Frost Princess Child’s Costume is also a good choice. This costume is floor length and is made of blue velvet with a white center skirt and partially white bodice that’s decorated with snowflakes.

Frost Princess Child's Costume

Frost Princess Child’s Costume


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