Holy Hound Dog Costume

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Holy Hound Dog Costume – The days are moving ahead quickly and before you know it, Halloween will be here. It’s a lot of fun looking for the perfect costumes for everyone in your family and especially for your dog.

Holy Hound Dog Costume

Holy Hound Dog Costume

Your pet loves to be included in all the fun things the family does. You can find the perfect costume for him to dress up in to take part in all the activities. There are costumes that you get for dogs that can make him look like one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

You can dress him up like insects such as a beautiful butterfly or as Santa Claus. But the most popular costume this year is a little more heavenly minded. The California Costume Collections Holy Hound Dog Costume will make your pet look like the special gift to your family that he is.

This costume will stand out as an original and garner plenty of laughs, comments, and prizes. The body of the costume is long white dress piece that fits comfortably over your dog.

The front paws slide easily into the two leg openings. The back of the dress costume leaves the rear legs of the dog free. The vest part of the costume is red and slides over the head.

This piece is decorated with a large, golden cross that looks like it’s hanging down from a necklace chain. Draped around the shoulders of the dog is the neck piece of the costume.

This piece is a strip of red material that’s trimmed in gold edging on both sides of it. The designs on this piece are outlines of dog feet. These feet are done in thin gold. The hat of the costume is sure to draw plenty of attention.

Angel Dog Costume

Angel Dog Costume by Rubie’s Costume Co

This is a miter headpiece of white material. It’s trimmed in gold around the edges as well as in the center. It’s decorated with fine gold designs. In the center of the headpiece is a thick gold cross like the one on the dog’s neckpiece.

In keeping with the heavenly realm, there are other types of holy costumes that you can get for your pet. One of these is the Angel Dog Costume by Rubie’s Costume Co. This costume is a sleeveless white dress that’s decorated with sequins.

The skirt of the dress is sheer and fits all the way to the bottom of the dog. There are leg holes for the dog on the upper piece of the costume. There are sturdy wings that fasten to the back of the costume.

A halo comes with this set and features a headband that sits securely on the dog’s head. The halo stands straight above the head with the thin wiring. This costume is best suited for dogs that are of medium build.

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