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He-Man Muscle Men’s Costume : He-Man Halloween Costume – It’s already that time of year again when you want to find the perfect men’s costume. You can bet that plenty of people are already shopping for the most popular ones. There will be plenty of options to choose from if you’re looking for something on the list of the top Halloween costumes.

You’ll find that the Pirates of the Caribbean costumes are popular. So are the Captain America and other superhero ones. But standing in the most popular slot this year is the He-Man Muscle Men’s Costume.

You’re going to want to grab yours before they’re all sold out. This costume is popular as well as being one that will win the party prize because it won’t blend in with a sea of men wearing similar looking costumes.

This costume is patterned after the superhero defender of Castle Grayskull as depicted in the DC Comics series. Though he’s a superhero, this costume doesn’t come with a cape, but relies on the same nod to a barbaric appearance as the original character.

Any man wearing this costume will look like a warrior and it’s a big hit. The costume is jumpsuit is made in a flesh color. It’s designed to turn heads and make it appear as if the wearer only has on the loin cloth covering.

He-Man Muscle Men’s Costume

He-Man Muscle Men’s Costume

The costume is bulked up to make it appear as if you have the same ripped and muscled build as He-Man. The padding that the outfit contains is found not only in the six pack abs but across the broad width of the chest as well.

The arm portions of the jumpsuit contain padding, too. Across the center of the chest is the armor plate that He-Man wears. This armor has a gray background color. Centered in the middle of this is the red mark that stands out as part of this hero.

The loin cloth that comes with the costume is made of fake fur and is dark brown in color. This cloth is wider than most loin cloths and because it has the fake fur, it offers more coverage than most.

There are boot tops included as part of this costume. These boot tops are also made of fake fur in the same brown color as the loin cloth. The design of them add to the barbaric style of the costume.

Included with the costume is a blond wig. The wig is cut in the same style that He-man wears with the shorter bangs and the bobbed sides and back. The costume is easy to get on and off thanks to the velcro pieces that fasten together the costume.

The beautifully designed sword unfortunately does not come with the costume, but you can purchase it separately. You can find that sword listed as the Disguise Men’s 4′ Long Sword.

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