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Duck Dynasty Baby Costume – When it’s time for Halloween, if you have a little one, you’ll want to find the perfect costume for babies. Since babies come in all sizes and shapes, you’ll want to look for material that has a little give in to keep baby comfortable for his big night.

There are always so many adorable baby costumes and it seems they get cuter every year. A lot of parents love the little witch costumes or the fat, smiling pumpkin ones. While those will make your baby look so cute, if you’re looking for what’s popular, you’ll want to choose one like the Duck Dynasty Baby Boy’s Uncle Si.

Duck Dynasty Baby Boy's Uncle Si

Duck Dynasty Baby Boy’s Uncle Si

The material of the costume is made of 100% polyester for a great fit, plus it’s machine washable so that you can clean and then hold on to the costume for later events. The costume comes with the traditional Duck Dynasty camouflage vest with the name on the vest.

It also has the cap, which the beard is attached to. The costume also has the glasses. Pants don’t come as part of the costume, so you’ll have to get those separately. You can also use a plain pair of baby jeans your child already has.

Or, you can look around for a pair of camouflage pants, which would go well with the ensemble. If you add a dark brown shirt or a camouflage shirt, the costume will look super cute.

If you’d prefer another character from the show, you have that option. Or if you have more than one baby to buy a costume for, you can keep it in the Duck Dynasty family with another one of the costumes.

The Duck Dynasty Baby Boy’s Willie comes with the camouflage vest as well. It also has the name on the front of the vest. It’s made of 100% polyester and can be washed. What a lot of parents loved about this one is how cute the wig and beard looked on a baby.

Duck Dynasty Baby Boy's Willie

Duck Dynasty Baby Boy’s Willie

The wig is both the hair and the beard attached. With full brown fibers, the hair on top of the wig stand up and retain their shape. The dark brown beard is plushy and full, which allows it to fit babies of all sizes.

Just like the character on the show, this costume also has a wide stars and stripes bandana that goes around the forehead. This separates the top of the wig hair from the beard.

For a completed look, add an autumn green long sleeved shirt and a pair of baby blue jeans. Some parents choose to add cowboy boots to the outfit but baby sneakers would look just as cute.


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