DJ Hip Hop Baby Costume – Baby Haaloween Costumes


DJ Hip Hop Baby Costume – With all the mass production of Halloween costumes, it can be a trial to find the best costume for a baby. What the market always does is it produces costumes that are based on popular movies.

So if you look around at the stores or in online shops, you’ll find countless numbers of costumes that are patterned after superheroes. You’ll also find one Disney princess after another because these costumes are really cute and they look great on little babies.

While it’s true that these are great choices and super popular, there are other options. There are costumes that are both wildly popular and yet stand out from the crowd because of their uniqueness. The DJ Hip Hop Baby Costume is one such Halloween costume.

Dj Hip Hop Baby CostumeGetting a costume that pays homage to the masters that spin music is not only a popular choice, but it’s sure to win first place in the cute category. You can almost picture the break dancers and beatboxers showing off their style while the tunes play on.

The costume is a jumpsuit, so that means that you get the shirt and the pants all in one. This saves time and money over having to find separate pieces to finish making up the costume.

Since babies are often dressed up only to need a diaper change, the outfit does have snaps, so you won’t have to completely undress the baby in order to change him if you need to.

The material is 100% polyester, so it’s comfortable to wear and easy to wash. If baby gets a spill on the costume, it can also be spot washed. The rest of this costume is a brightly colored orange hat.

The bill of the hate is trimmed in yellow and the front outlined with green. Over the hat is a pair of headphones to complete the look. Unlike some costumes, the headphones that come with this one are made completely of soft material. This plushness is comfortable for the baby to wear.

The front of the jumpsuit shirt has a colorful design on it. The design features an adorable baby wearing headphones just like the costume. On the screened design, the baby is spinning tunes on the turntable. Music notes fill the air.

At the bottom of the DJ print baby, there’s a curled cord that’s printed onto the shirt. That means there’s nothing for baby to get tangled up in, since it’s a printed design. But the way that it’s printed, going from the bottom of the shirt to the shoulder make it look as if the headphones baby is wearing on the hat are real ones.


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