Cinderella Princess Dress – Cinderella Costume for Girls


Cinderella Princess Dress: Cinderella Costume for Girls – Halloween only comes once a year and for kids, it’s a night they can let their imagination soar. You want to make sure that you buy them the perfect costume. For many little girls, they have their hearts set on being a princess for the night.

The different types of princesses that your daughter can be is practically endless. There are popular ones that everyone knows such as Belle or Ariel or Snow White. And then are some that are old favorites such as Sleeping Beauty.

But the most popular princess costumes right now is the Cinderella Princess Dress. Wearing this dress, your daughter will feel just like she’s headed to the magical ball. The dress is made of soft blue that easily stretches for a comfortable fit for your child.

The dress is edged in silver trim that will show off the sparkles as she moves. The top of the dress features a ruffled white center with a tiny rose attached in the center. The bodice of the dress is also lined in the sparkly silver trim.

The dress has short sleeves that puff out and the sleeves are white rather than blue like the dress. The waist of the dress is stretchy so it can go on and off without a hassle. This dress is sturdy and long lasting and can be machine washed.

Cinderella Princess Dress

Cinderella Princess Dress

When you put it in the dryer, use only low heat. It can be ordered to fit children in small, medium, large or extra large sizing. This is a full length dress, which mean the material will drag the ground.

So if you’re going to be walking outside and you don’t want the dress to get dirty, you’ll either have to make sure that your child holds up the sides as she walks or you’ll have to fasten it in some way so it stays off the ground.

Because the dress is so full and lightweight, your child can wear warm clothes beneath it if necessary. Included with the dress is a hair bow. If you want the Cinderella tiara, you can order that separately or you can get it as part of a kit with the 3 Piece Set: White Princess Gloves with Silver Tiara,Wand and Drawstring Bag. This set has the long elbow length gloves like Cinderella wore.

Other princess costumes similar to the Cinderella one is the Belle Princess Costume. There’s also the Rapunzel Princess Dress Up Costume. Both of these costumes are floor length and durable as well. They also have extra accessories that you can purchase.

Princess Costume


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