Captain America Bodysuit – Teen Boys Halloween Costumes


Captain America Bodysuit : Teen Boys Halloween Costumes – With Halloween on the horizon, it’s time to find the perfect costume for your teen boy. There are a lot of boys who like things gory. In fact, the gorier the better. But a lot of boys still want to dress as superheroes because not only are these costumes as popular as ever, they’re still considered cool regardless of the age of the wearer.

You can find a ton of costumes that are super popular such as ones for Thor, Batman, Superman and Iron man. But the costume that keeps topping the list as most popular and does so again this year is the Marvel Captain America Bodysuit.

This costume is made almost entirely of polyester with about 10% of it being Spandex. The Spandex is what gives the suit its ability to stretch. The suit has to be hand washed and since it’s a bodysuit, it does adhere quite closely to the body.

The entire suit is one piece from the head to the top. Though the hood doesn’t have any eye holes, you can see through it when you’re wearing it. The suit has the red boots like Captain America wears.

It also has the blue pants. The middle torso area of the suit is designed with red and white stripes symbolizing the American flag. Centered in the top of the shirt part is a large white star.

Captain America Bodysuit

Captain America Bodysuit

This star rests on a background of blue. The design on the blue are individual scallops that are designed to look like pieces of armor. The sleeves are long and the scallop design ends a few inches above the elbow.

From there to the middle of the forearm is plain white material that ends in the bright red gloves that cover both hands. The hood is blue and form fitting. There are white areas rather than eye hole cutouts that cover the eyes so your teen’s identity will not be known.

The center of the hood has a large white A and there is a white wing print designed on each side of the hood. The costume zips up in the back so getting it on and off is easy.

The material of the suit is, but because it’s form fitting, your teen will be able to stay worm. The suit can fit teens who are over 6’ tall or more. You will want to go a size larger than your teen normally wears.

For people who don’t like hoods that cover their eyes, the hood can be tucked into the suit and the separate Captain America Molded Mask purchased. This is a full head mask and has holes for the eyes as well as the mouth.



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