Top Halloween Costumes 2016

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Best Halloween Costumes 2015 – Find all popular and best Halloween costumes 2015 right here! We have some Halloween costume ideas for 2015 including Halloween props, and more.

Best Halloween Costumes 2015

Fall is right around the corner. It’s time to break out the boots, grab a pumpkin spice latte and start planning your next Halloween costume.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at our prospective top costumes for 2015, based on the year’s most memorable movies, television shows and other pop culture moments.

Top 10 Halloween Costumes 2015

10. Jurassic World Costume

 Jurassic World Costume

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Dinosaurs are back… on the big screen anyway. Jurassic World was a smash-hit at the Box Office this past summer, earning over $100 million to date. That makes this Halloween the perfect time to partake in creature feature fun!

If you want to dress up as the dreamy, raptor-wrangling Chris Pratt, there are costumes available to emulate the Jurassic World park employee uniforms. These uniform costumes are available for children or adults and feature the brown pants, shirts and vests complete with the official logo. However, if you would rather walk on the wild side, try dressing up as a Jurassic World dinosaur! There are scary tyrannosaurs rex masks available for purchase online or inflatable, full-body T-Rex costumes for adults or children.

9. Peanuts Movie Costume

Peanuts Movie Costumes

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Everyone’s favorite comic strip characters will make their debut on the silver screen later this fall! The Peanuts film won’t be out until November 6th, but you can get a jump-start on the action by dressing up as one of the characters this Halloween.

Deluxe Peanuts character costumes are already available online. You can choose beloved Snoopy, good old “good grief” Charlie Brown or even bossy little Lucy. If you have a significant other, Charlie Brown and Lucy would make an adorable couple’s costume… just don’t forget to bring the football!

8. Back to the Future 2 Costume

Back to the Future 2 Costume

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Roads? Who needs roads when you have Back to the Future: Part 2” costumes! As far as movie Halloween costumes go, these are some of the most funny, memorable and just plain iconic. There are Marty McFly and Doc Brown adult-sized costumes available online… but honestly, the most fun comes from the costume accessories. To really bring your Back to the Future 2 costume to life, you can add furuistic light-up sneakers, a puffy vest or even a replica hoverboard!

7. Descendants Costumes

Descendants Costumes

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The Disney Channel provides incredibly popular programming for children ages 6-14, and its shows always seem to have an implication on pop culture. This year, the Disney Channel original movie The Descendants is generating a ton of buzz and of course, Halloween costume potential.

“The Descendants” plot revolves around classic Disney villains in their teens and tweens and shows how they got their evil start. Some cool Descendant costume ideas include a young Maleficent or Evie from Isle of the Lost.

6. Inside Out Costume

Inside Out Costume

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After the success of 3D animations like “Toy Story 3” and “Up,” Pixar Animation Studies and Disney have done it again with their latest collaborative effort: Inside Out. The film takes place inside a human girl and chronicles how her emotions interact with each other as she grows. “Inside Out” debuted over the summer and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, grossing over $700 million worldwide to date.

Your child can express their love for Inside Out as well as their favorite emotion by donning a character costume. If you have a little girl, she’ll love wearing a green wig and complementary dress to convey the Disgust character. Have a little boy? Dress him up in the fun, full-body costume for the Angry emotion.

5. Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens Costumes

Star Wars 7 Costumes

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The sci-fi blockbuster that spans generations will return to the big screen this winter. That’s right – Star Wars: Episode 7 will be back with characters you love… and some new ones that you haven’t been introduced to quite yet.

If you want to get into the Star Wars spirit early, there are many movie Halloween costumes to choose from. Of course, there are instantly recognizable classics like the all-white Storm Trooper or the dark and looming Darth Vader. But there are also some new Rey and Finn character costumes, which are specific to “Stars Wars: Episode 7.”

4. The Simpsons Costumes

The Simpsons Costumes

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This was a very special year for The Simpsons. After 31 Primetime Emmy Awards, 30 Annie Awards and countless “d’ohs!,” the animated series started its 26th season on air and was subsequently renewed for two more.

So needless to say, if you want a costume that everyone will easily recognize: dress like a Simpson. Each beloved Simpson family member has already been incarnated as a Halloween costume and most are available in adult or children sizes. You can decide between Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie or another beloved Springfield character. Some hilarious but less obvious Simpson costume alternatives include the fun-loving Duffman or annoying neighbor Ned Flanders.

3. Cinderella Movie 2015 Costume

Cinderella Movie 2015 Costume

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Cinderella has always been a celebrate costume for young girls and adult women. However, this year it is slated to be more popular than ever with the release of Disney’s live-action 2015 Cinderella film.

There are many variations of the Cinderella costume online and in pop-up Halloween stores. Most of them are a fitted, floor-length blue gown with variation in design details that fluctuate based on the price of the costume.

Remember: most Halloweens costumes don’t come with shoes. However, the plot of Cinderella revolves almost entirely around the main character losing one. Since this is a very important part of the story, they’re also a very important part of the Cinderella costume. So whatever Cinderella costume you choose, don’t forget to pick up a pair of replica glass slippers as well!

2. Avengers 2: Age of Ulton Costumes

Avengers 2 Age of Ulton Costumes

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Every year, super heroes top the lists of most popular Halloween costume ideas… and 2015 is no exception. Without a doubt, Avengers: Age of Ultron was the biggest super hero flick of 2015. Featuring an ensemble cast and Marvel Comic’s biggest stars, the new “Avengers” film grossed an astounding $1.4 billion worldwide and was the third-highest grossing film of the year.

When you blend iconic comic book characters together with Box Office gold, the result is unlimited merchandising potential. For this reason, there’s an incredible selection of “Avengers” costumes and most of them are officially sanctioned by Marvel Comics. Boys and adult men can embody Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk or just about any other Avenger in the film. Girls and women can of course dress up as their favorite male Avenger as well… but there is also a Black Widow costume available for both children and adults.

1. Minions Costumes

Minions Costumes

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In 2010, the 3-D animated film Despicable Me introduced us to the lovable little Minions. These characters (as their name suggests) are the hilariously tiny henchman of the film’s super villain. The movie was such a hit that it spawned a sequel in 2013 and this year, the minions received their own full-feature film.

Simply titled Minions,” the film debuted over the summer and quickly became the highest-grossing non-Disney animated film of all time.

Minions characters are now available online in a range of sizes, ensuring Halloween fun for the whole family.

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